Are you prepared for the next tiny/big/smart thing?


Affordable living space in cities is getting ever scarcer. There are fewer building plots available. At the same time, demand for modern, urban dwellings is increasing. That is challenging, but also exciting – because innovative living concepts are more sought-after than ever before. Our innovative concept is Smart Micro Housing: the combination of living in the smallest of spaces using smart living technology. With our competition, we want to bring this idea to life, together with you and other visionaries. Are you a specialist in building tiny houses? Or have you developed a future-oriented smart living solution? Then let’s make a difference together!

Our mission

About our company

The Nassauische Heimstätte | Wohnstadt corporate group is one of the ten leading housing companies in Germany. For almost 100 years, we have been providing housing, building and development services. We manage around 59,000 homes at 128 sites in Hesse and employ around 750 staff. So those are the facts. And now to our mission: We create affordable housing and make cities worth living in. This is what we do every day, and we also sometimes break new ground – as we are with this competition.


01.09. – 17.11.2020


With our competition, it will come down to the right combination of tiny house and smart living. Don’t worry if you can’t offer it from a single source! In our LinkedIn group and our Facebook group you can find suitable partners to form a bidding consortium.

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By 17.11.2020

Application to take part

Have you found a partner for your bidding consortium? Or are you and your company able to offer all the services single-handed? Fantastic! Then continue with your application to take part in the competition.


18.11. – 17.12.2020

Evaluation phase

We review and assess all participant entries using our selection criteria. You can find out in the tender specification which specific conditions need to be met. We will then contact the selected participants.

Tender specification

01.04. – 30.04.2021


Following the evaluation phase, we will enter into dialogue with the potential applicants in the negotiation and offer phase in order to get to know them better, discuss ideas and clarify any potential questions.

By 31.05.2021


If your bidding consortium’s or your company’s Smart Micro Housing vision has convinced us, you can submit your application. You’ll submit this in the form of your complete offer including planning documentation.

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This is when it gets really exciting again! The jury, made up of the management team at NHW, will judge the submissions and decide on the award. The winning bidding consortium will then be notified straight away.

By 15.06.2021


After the award is before the implementation: The winner of our competition will realise their idea of Smart Micro Housing and build ready for occupancy. We provide the areas for the finished properties in our quarters, which are stated in the tender specification.

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